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1 & 5: Depression

1 & 5: Depression
$29.00 CAD

"But why is the five blue?"

Sounds like the start of a joke, but it's far from it. Depression distorts your thinking, and the 1 & 5 shirt is designed to get us talking about the realities of depression.

When you are depressed, your mind can play tricks on you. Depression can make it nearly impossible to participate in the simplest of activities. And it feels as though there is no relief in sight.

"Depression can feel like walking through a dense fog, while carrying a 100 pound invisible weight everywhere you go. Sometimes, it takes all of my energy to just keep breathing, let alone socialize and function in day-to-day society." Megan, 28

Though it's is more than 'just feeling blue', blue is a deep colour that mirrors the heaviness of depression.


One in five people will experience mental illness this year. If we're going to put an end to discrimination based on mental illness, including depression, we need to start talking about it more, and in more meaningful ways. 

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