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1 & 5: Eating Disorder

1 & 5: Eating Disorder
$29.00 CAD

"What's with the numbers?"

Your 1 & 5 is designed to be a conversation starter on the realities of eating disorders. And the truth is, approximately 1 million Canadians meet the diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder.

Eating Disorders (EDs) have the highest overall mortality rate of any mental illness. They are far more complex than most people realize, with behaviours going beyond Hollywood portrayals. 

With Eating Disorder Awareness Week asking you to #ShowUsYourPurple, we knew purple would be the colour to represent EDs.

One in five people will experience mental illness this year. If we're going to put an end to discrimination based on mental illness, including eating disorders, we need to start talking about it more, and in more meaningful ways. 

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